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released September 3, 2011



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Text Message Washington, D.C.

three piece from Washington, D.C.
textmessageband at gmail dot com

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Track Name: Pocket
My head's untied even in the socket, you might find I found the locket and it might be nice put it in your pocket again.

Stand up straight, please put yours boots on. It's cold outside, go and pick the leaves off the apple tree, inside you will see.

The weather's gone, the night's gettin younger and the shoreline's long according to the vultures but they are wrong, it's only just a sculpture.

The weather's gone the night's at its dawn, the pieces will collide. Make an escape wearing a cape, let me off for the ride.

Come out fine and my thoughts are dry as ice, cover the cover reach right under nice.
Track Name: The Center Melts
If back in time's feelin fine, I guess I'll just have to try.
Sound I make turns away, whatever anyway.
Endlessly be deferred, z's in dreams is all I heard.
Circulate round the square, has a grudge it needs to bear.

I found a line today
Told me to come and wait
I found a lion today
Told me to come and wait

What is for what is less? Side before do my best.
Sound I make turns away, whatever anyway.
Reaching for, reaching out, take it in, put it out.
The side is always something else,
and the center clearly melts

I'd love just once to sink beneath, and maybe find the grace of sleep, that has found its way too deep.

I'd love just once to hold your hand, and maybe find the grains of sand that have fallen in the sink, fallen into the kitchen sink.
Track Name: Release
you make a line and you break it
wakin's fine if you shape it
i think I'll sign my own release
and let the one next have his piece

and it all comes back again
to your door it never ends
something that you got
and you're under and you rot

raining snow snowing rain there
comb the weather predict the hair
I think I'll sign my own release
and let the next one have his peace

form it in, let's begin
slither out breaking sins
trust in it, think within
itchin for, a new door

riding out, hiding out

well I have all the time if you want to keep yours mine
Track Name: Leaving The Shipyard
the feeling I get that something's there
and I find it's just a strand of hair
this forest is laughing at our shadows
think I'll turn back and head for the meadows

the well is a dark cold place to
I want you to come and live with

parenthetically these lilacs
as they grow they cover up our tracks
this moon is crying behind their backs
its tears fall and turn to wax

the well is a dark cold place to
i want you to come and live with

tired of being had